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Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (ASX: CLW)

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We’re committed to keeping our securityholders updated on the Charter Hall Long WALE REIT's activities, and to providing them with easy access to information about their investment.

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Existing investors can access information on their holding through the Investor Login, a secure online facility hosted by the registry, Link Market Services. Investors can view details of their holding, update personal information or communication preferences and download historical statements or correspondence.


If you are having trouble accessing the Investor Login or you aren’t registered yet, call the registry on 1300 303 063.


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Half Year 2024 Results - In focus with
Avi Anger

With high quality, diversified properties and a large proportion of triple net and CPI-linked leases, Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (CLW) is well placed to continue to deliver for investors.

Hear from CLW Fund Manager Avi Anger as he unpacks our half year results.

*Figures as at 31 December 2023

If you’re a securityholder, this section gives you access to:

Security Price


Information on how you can receive your distribution including details about our distribution reinvestment plan.

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT makes payments to unitholders quarterly in February, May, August and November.

Your distribution may be received as Direct Credit or by Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP):

Direct Credit

Direct Credit enables you to receive automatic payment of your distributions quickly and securely. You can nominate any Australian or New Zealand bank, building society, credit union or cash management account for direct payment by downloading a direct credit form using the Investor Login facility and sending to Link Market Services. On the day of payment you will be sent a statement via post or email confirming that the payment has been made and setting out details of the payment.

If you change your bank account details please use the Investor Login facility to either update your details or download an appropriate form to complete. If you have not received your income distribution or have unpresented cheques, please contact the registry on 1300 303 063.


Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) allows you to have your distributions reinvested in additional securities in the Group without incurring brokerage, rather than having your distributions paid to you. 

For further information on the DRP, please download the DRP Booklet (PDF 508KB).


Charter Hall encourages shareholders to make the switch to paperless communications. If you haven’t already, please opt for paperless communications through our share registry’s website at Investor Centre. You will need your portfolio log in details, your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) or your Holder Identification Number (HIN) and select the Communications tab at the top of the page.

Through the registry, shareholders can elect how they wish to receive documents (including annual reports, notices of meeting and proxy/voting forms) by:

  • Making a standing election to receive documents in physical or electronic form;
  • Making a one-off request to receive a document in physical or electronic form; or
  • Electing to receive the annual report in electronic form only.

If at any time you require an additional physical or electronic copy of a document, or you need more information about the options available to you, please contact Link Market Services via email.

Tax Information

Information you may need to complete your tax return including how to access your annual tax statement, distribution breakdown, apportionment ratios and MIT notices for non-residents and custodians.


CLW FY23 Tax Breakdown 
Agricultural Rent1.84%
Capital Gain Discounted9.31%
CGT Concession9.31%
Other non-attributable amounts (i.e. tax deferred)55.68%


Annual Tax Statements 

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT’s year end for tax purposes is 30 June, at which time the components of the distribution are determined. The total annual distribution and tax components are advised in the Annual Tax Statement, mailed to you in August each year. This will include the information you require to maintain your taxation records.

We have produced a taxation guide to assist investors in completing their income tax return. The guide provides general information only and should not be relied on, and does not constitute taxation advice.

View taxation guide

Should you need a replacement copy of your Annual Tax Statement you can download this online by using the Investor Login facility. You will need to login using your SRN/HIN and postcode.

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CLW Apportionment Ratio

A Charter Hall Long WALE REIT stapled security is made up of two separate assets for capital gains tax purposes: a Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund (DIF) unit and a LWR Finance Trust (LWRFT) unit.

For capital gains tax purposes, you need to apportion the cost of each stapled security over the separate assets that make up the stapled security. This apportionment should be done on a reasonable basis.

Please refer to the below table for apportionment ratios: 

31 Dec 202398.9%1.1%
30 Jun 202398.4%1.6%
31 Dec 202298.5%1.5%
30 Jun 202298.5%1.5%
31 Dec 202199.5%0.5%
30 Jun 202199.5%
31 Dec 202099.5%0.5%
30 Jun 202099.5%0.5%
31 Dec 201999.5%
30 Jun 201999.5%
31 Dec 201899.5%

CLW Simplification – Tax Outcomes Update

Analyst Information

To give a representation of sell-side analysts that monitor Charter Hall Group. If you’re an analyst, your comments on what you would like to see in this section are very welcome.



Many major stockbroking companies regularly monitor Charter Hall Long WALE REIT's performance, attend our briefings, and maintain regular contact with our senior management. Their analysts then write reports which include their opinions about our current and future performance, and their forecasts about our financial results, earnings and distributions, before making these reports available to their predominantly institutional clients.

The following key analysts monitor the Charter Hall Long WALE REIT:




Ben Brayshaw


Suraj Nebhani

Jarden Group

Lou Pirenc
Andrew McFarlane

JP Morgan

Richard Jones


David Pobucky
Caleb Wheatley

Morgan Stanley

Simon Chan
Lauren Berry

Ord Minnett

Leanne Truong


Grant McCasker
Tom Bodor


Important Information: The above is not a complete list of every analyst that follows the stock. Only those analysts that have provided their consent to have their details disclosed on this page are listed above. Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding Charter Hall Long WALE REIT's performance made by these analysts are theirs alone and are made independently of Charter Hall. They do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Charter Hall or its management. Charter Hall does not by reference to the analysts details above imply its endorsement of or agreement with any such information, conclusions or recommendations made by each analyst. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real estate investment trust (REIT)?

A real estate investment trust, commonly referred to as a REIT, is an investment vehicle which pools the money of many investors, so that they may share in the returns of a portfolio of property investments.

For example, Charter Hall Long WALE REIT's diversified portfolio represents a mix of high quality Australian office, industrial, long WALE retail and agri-logistics properties that are predominantly leased to corporate and government tenants on long term leases.

When investors buy securities in Charter Hall Long WALE REIT, they are effectively acquiring a share of the ownership of its property portfolio. Rental income paid by our tenant customers are distributed to investors. In the case of Charter Hall Long WALE REIT, distributions are paid quarterly.

How do I invest in Charter Hall Long WALE REIT?

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the stock code “CLW”. You can buy securities just like you would buy shares - through your adviser, stockbroker or an online broker. If you do not already have a broker you can call the ASX Broker Referral Service on 1300 300 279 or go to the ASX website.

What is my investment worth?

As the securities of Charter Hall Long WALE REIT are listed on the ASX, their value can change throughout the day.

To calculate the value of your investment, simply multiply the number of securities you hold by the current security price.

The number of securities you hold can be found on your latest distribution advice, CHESS statement, or via contacting the Registry.

The current security price is available on our Investor Centre page or the ASX website.

How do I find out the unit price of Charter Hall Long WALE REIT?

Each day, most major Australian newspapers carry the previous day’s closing price for Charter Hall Long WALE REIT securities. It can also be found on our Investor Centre page or the ASX website.

What is the difference between a dividend and a distribution?

Dividends are paid to shareholders by companies out of their profits.

Distributions are paid to investors by trusts, such as the Charter Hall Long WALE REIT. Distributions are usually made up of income - for example, rental income - and may also include a capital payment to investors - for example, if a property was sold.

When and how are distributions paid?

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT makes payments to securityholders quarterly, in February, May, August and November.

Securityholders can receive their distributions by direct credit into a nominated bank account or can elect to reinvest their income through the Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

Can I re-invest my distributions?


The Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) allows you to have your distributions reinvested in additional securities in Charter Hall Long WALE REIT without the need to pay brokerage, rather than having your distributions paid to you.

Participation in the DRP is optional. Investors may elect to participate fully so that all of your distribution will be reinvested; participating partially so only on a specified number of the units will be reinvested and the remaining units will be paid as a cash distribution; or not participate in the DRP and continue to receive cash distributions.

The DRP is not available to securityholders outside Australia and New Zealand.

For further information on the DRP including assistance on participating, please download the DRP Booklet or contact the Registry on 1300 303 063.

What is a security  purchase plan?

A security price plan (SPP) is a convenient way for eligible securityholders to increase their investment without paying brokerage or other transaction costs.

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT may, at the discretion of the Board, offer a SPP to eligible securityholders. Future SPPs will be communicated to eligible securityholders by the registry as applicable.

Do I need to provide my tax file number?

You are not required by law to provide your tax file number (TFN) or exemption. However, if you do not provide your TFN or exemption, withholding tax at the highest marginal rate may be deducted from your distributions. If you have not provided your TFN or exemption and wish to do so, please contact the Registry, your broker, or use Investor Login to download the TFN form. You will need your SRN or HIN along with your surname and postcode to log in.

When will I receive my annual tax statement?

Our year-end for tax purposes is 30 June, at which time the components of the distribution are determined. The annual tax statement is mailed in August to all securityholders who received a distribution during that tax year. The statement includes information you require to maintain your taxation records such as your total annual distribution and taxation components.

To view and download your tax statement or obtain a replacement copy, use Investor Login. You will need your SRN or HIN along with your surname and postcode to log in.

How do I choose to receive investor communications electronically?

You can elect to receive all communications electronically, including your distribution advice, notices of meeting, proxy forms, annual reports and annual taxation statements.

The benefit of this is you have access to information you need in an efficient and cost-effective manner that has minimal environmental impact.

Security and privacy of your details are important, so you will always be emailed a link to a secured, encrypted website rather than receiving any attached documents via email. If you wish to elect electronic communications simply sign in to Investor Login or contacting Registry directly for a form to complete.


How do I update my investment details such as my address or bank details?

To change previously advised account or address details, or request to receive distribution payments by direct credit into your bank account, you must provide written advice to the Registry.

Link Market Services
Unit Registry
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

Telephone (local call cost): 1300 303 063
Telephone (outside Australia): +61 1300 303 063

How do I contact the Registry?

You can contact Charter Hall Long WALE REIT’s Registry using the following information.

Link Market Services
Unit Registry
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

Telephone (local call cost): 1300 303 063
Telephone (outside Australia): +61 1300 303 063
Fax: +61 2 8280 7134

How do I contact the manager?

The manager of Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is Charter Hall WALE Limited, and you can contact them using the following information. 

Charter Hall Retail Management Limited
GPO Box 2704
Sydney NSW 2001

Telephone: 1300 365 585 (local call cost)
Fax: +61 2 8908 4090


How do I make a complaint?

Any unitholder wishing to lodge a complaint should refer to our Complaints Guide for relevant contact details. 



Registry – Link Market Services

Registry – Link Market Services

Fund administration

For enquiries regarding your holding (including tax statements, distributions) and changing contact or bank details. 

Locked Bag A14, Sydney South, NSW, 1235

Investor Relations

Investor Relations


For information regarding the management, property portfolio and performance of the REIT.


Important Information
As at 31 Decemvber 2023. This material has been prepared by Charter Hall WALE Limited (ABN 20 610 772 202; AFSL 486721) for information purposes only. This website is not an offer to sell or a solicitation or an offer to subscribe or purchase or a recommendation of any securities referred to herein and the information has not taken into account any potential investors' personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before investing, you should consider your own objectives, financial situation and needs or you should obtain financial, legal and/or taxation advice. This document is not an offer or invitation for subscription or purchase of securities or other financial products. Indications of, and guidance on, future earnings and financial position and performance are “forward-looking statements”. Due care and attention has been used in the preparation of any forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of the Group, that may cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements. There can be no assurance that actual outcomes will not differ materially from these statements. Except as required by law, the Group does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or review any forward – looking statements, whether as a result of new information or future events. This information has been made available to the recipient for information purposes only. Charter Hall WALE Limited does not receive fees in respect of the general financial product advice they may provide, however entities within the Charter Hall Group will receive fees for operating the stapled trusts comprising the Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (Stapled Trusts) which, in accordance with the constitutions, are calculated by reference to the value of the assets of the Stapled Trusts. Entities within the Charter Hall Group may also receive fees for managing the assets of, and providing resources to the Stapled Trusts. For more detail on fees, see our latest annual report. To contact us, call 1300 365 585 (local call cost).