Community investment

Our philosophy

We centre our approach around the concept of enduring impact – that is, creating and delivering impacts that address an immediate need but endure for the longer term.

To do this, we partner with community organisations and social enterprises, those on the ground with local knowledge and an understanding of how we can best work together to drive lasting change.

Our vision is to empower Australians with independence and to create impact that lasts far beyond temporary solutions and handouts; building strong foundations for long-term prosperity.


Supporting the next generation to go further

The last couple of years have tested all of us, in many ways. We know it's been especially hard for vulnerable young Australians as they battle higher levels of unemployment, financial insecurity and mental health issues. Support is needed more than ever.

We know that social enterprises are a meaningful way to create employment opportunities. That's why we partner with social enterprises – through our state and sector relationships, development partners and procurement and supply chain – to provide vulnerable young Australians with the relevant skills, knowledge and workplace exposure to reach their potential.


Our partners in employment and education



Dismantle works with at-risk youths in Western Australia to overcome social barriers in their critical years, minimising their risk of long-term unemployment and providing them with basic skills and support that enable personal growth, independence and future success. We support several of their services including their jobs-focused social enterprise, Renew, and their bike rescue program.

This year, we supported 27 youth employment outcomes through engaging Dismantle’s Renew services. This resulted in over 2,300 shifts (7-8 hours per shift) being made available and over $260,000 in wages being paid. 

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Green Collect

Green Collect

Green Collect, collects hard-to-recycle items from the office and home across Victoria and finds ways to re-use these in the community or make them into other products. Through this, they create work opportunities for young people and refugees who have faced barriers to employment, and provide a pathway to meaningful and skilled jobs in the growing sustainability industry.

We're supporting Green Collect in the expansion of their employment for youth in the justice system program, creating over 30 new jobs for young people and 45 employment pathways over the next three years.

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White Box Enterprises (QLD)

White Box identifies real market gaps and scales business opportunities to create jobs for young, disadvantaged Australians. Its goal is to create 5,000 jobs by 2030. Working alongside White Box in FY23, we have now unlocked some 1,700sqm of space in Brisbane’s CBD and supported 148 employment outcomes.

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Two Good

Two Good Co.

Over the years, we have achieved incredible things with our long-term partner Two Good Co.

This includes:

  • a portfolio-wide soap supply contract that contributes to their Work Work program, employing vulnerable women and having paid more than $1.1 million in wages since inception
  • removing over 2.4 tonnes of plastic from the ocean through the development of innovative soap dispensers
  • the procurement of over 21,000 cookbooks, with the proceeds again going to funding the Work Work program
  • over 4,000 care packs donated to women’s shelters across the country, also providing employment to vulnerable women.
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How we're partnering with Two Good Co.



Property Industry Foundation

As a platinum sponsor of the property industry's charity, the Property Industry Foundation (PIF), we are actively involved on their NSW Board, and participate in PIF-led industry events and volunteering opportunities.

The money raised through PIF goes towards building homes for disadvantaged and homeless young people and supporting over 20 children's charities, many of which we also support individually and through our development projects.

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Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds

As a Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS) Open Road sponsor, we are focused on ensuring that the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries prioritise both the mental health and physical well-being of their employees, a mission we are deeply aligned to.

Through this sponsorship, our Industrial & Logistics team partner with key tenant customers to generate support for the initiative and increase awareness of the importance of mental health in the workplace.

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How we are partnering with HHTS


Charter Hall partnered with Australia’s largest not-for-profit early learning provider, Goodstart, to give vulnerable children the opportunity to attend early learning.

Through this partnership, Charter Hall supports the Early Learning Fund (ELF) to provide fee relief for early learning and care for at least 55 families and their children experiencing significant vulnerability over two years.

Watch Goodstart's video celebrating our partnership here.

Partnering during and after tough times

Amidst the escalating frequency and intensity of natural disasters, driven in part by climate change, our commitment to long-term community support has never been more vital.

As a business, we want to amplify our response to disasters beyond donations. Our approach encompasses immediate relief while fostering long-term recovery. Importantly, it's community-led, enabling local people and organisations to shape and lead their disaster relief, recovery and resilience building processes, with support from us.


Our partners in recovery

Australian Red Cross

In FY23, we formed a partnership with Australian Red Cross to fund the recruitment, training and mentorship of an additional 130 Red Cross emergency services volunteers, each year. These volunteers are deployed nationally to assist communities whenever and wherever they need help the most. Our funding will support up to a 5% growth to Australian Red Cross’ current 3,400 emergency service volunteers.

In addition, up to ten Charter Hall employees will be trained as emergency service volunteers each year. This initiative is a first for Australian Red Cross in the partnerships space and is inclusive of face-to-face psychological first aid training; a further 12 hours online training; and committing to 12 months as an Australian Red Cross volunteer. Participating employees are provided with an additional eight days of volunteer leave by Charter Hall.


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Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

We initially partnered with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) in FY20, when Australian communities where suffering with the impacts of severe drought and bushfire. Since then, we have continued to work together, to support long-term recovery in communities that have experienced natural disasters.

In FY24, we will be co-designing and launching a grant program to support communities with the resources to build and rebuild strong foundations.

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