Design & Distribution Obligations (DDO)

What is DDO

From 5 October 2021, issuers and distributors of financial products must comply with the design and distribution requirements relating to financial products for retail clients, generally described as "Design & Distribution Obligations" or "DDO".

As an issuer and distributor of such products, Charter Hall Direct Property Management Limited will comply with these obligations and in order to do so, have created "Target Market Determinations" or "TMD" for each of the funds that we issue to retail clients.

We are committed to DDO as it is designed to assist consumers to obtain appropriate financial products and will result in improved outcomes for consumers.

If you have any feedback on our DDO framework, you can email

Target Market Determinations

At the centre of our DDO framework are Target Market Determinations (TMDs). They ensure that our funds are designed with the investor in mind and provide a framework to regularly review this over time.

Below are links to the TMDs for each of the funds issued by Charter Hall Direct Management Limited, to which DDO applies:

Charter Hall Direct Office Fund (DOF)
For further information on DOF or to view the PDS, visit the DOF webpage.

Charter Hall Direct PFA Fund (PFA)
For further information on PFA or to view the PDS, visit the PFA webpage.

Charter Hall Direct Long WALE Fund (LWF)
For further information on LWF or to view the PDS, visit the LWF webpage.

Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund No.4 (DIF4)
For further information on DIF4 or to view the PDS, visit the DIF4 webpage.

Please note, Charter Hall Maxim Property Securities Fund (Maxim) is issued by One Managed Investment Funds Limited. Please see the issuer website for details of the TMD for Maxim. For further information on Maxim or to view the PDS, visit the Maxim webpage.

Information for financial advisers

As a distributor of our funds, financial advisers have an important role in the DDO process. Please see below information to assist you to fulfil your obligations:

  • You must consider the TMD when providing advice to your clients in relation to the Charter Hall funds to which DDO applies.
  • You must notify us of any "significant dealing" that is not consistent with the fund's TMD. Click here for a sample notification template.
  • You must notify us of any complaints related to the distribution of our funds. Click here for a sample notification template.
  • You must maintain records related to DDO, for up to seven years.

Please contact our distribution team for any questions in relation to our funds and DDO:

Contact Us

Scott McLennan

Scott McLennan

Head of Distribution

Renee Oldfield

Renee Oldfield

Regional Distribution Manager - Vic, WA & SA

Craig Harding

Craig Harding

Senior Business Development Manager - Qld

Marco Triani

Marco Triani

NSW State Distribution Manager

Alice Pemberton

Alice Pemberton

Business Development Associate - Vic

Replacing documentation from Charter Hall

Our documentation has been updated to reflect DDO. From 5 October 2021, any fund documents you have from us should be destroyed or replaced. You should also update any links you have to digital versions of our documents. This includes (but is not limited to) product application forms, PDSs, and supplemental PDSs.