Code of Conduct

Letter from our Chairman and Managing Director & Group CEO

At Charter Hall, we create a better future for our people, customers and communities by driving value and mutual success to bring their aspirations to life. For us, the greatest measure of success is their success. We’re trusted to help them reach their goals.

Our goal is to be Australia’s best and most highly regarded property investment and funds management business. All our stakeholders understand the positive impact we can deliver them through investing in the Australian property sector for the long term. They absolutely trust us to make good decisions.

That trust stems from our reputation, which mirrors how we act and what we are committed to. That’s why our Code of Conduct (Code) is so important. It sets out the principles we adhere to and the behaviours we require in order to operate a safe, honest, responsible, publicly listed business. It also forms the agreement that we have with each other to always behave courteously, respectfully and in ways that reflect our responsibilities. It’s our lens for decision making.

Please take the time to carefully read through this summary and to understand the more specific policies that are referred to here. They provide clear guidelines for what we require of each other and what you can expect as a valued member of our working community. We want you to be truly proud of this company. We always want you to feel safe and that you are contributing to a socially responsible organisation that is working every day to be the best corporate citizen we can.

We are stronger together for what we each agree to do.

David Clarke

David Clarke

Chair and Independent Non-Executive Director

David Harrison

David Harrison

Managing Director & Group CEO

Sections of the Code

Chapter 1- What we Stand for

What we stand for