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“In my time at Charter Hall, I’ve met and worked with some amazing people. The market-leading business we’ve built over the last three decades owes its success to the contributions of everyone who’s been here – regardless of the role they played or how long they were with us.

David Harrison, Managing Director & Group CEO

Our inaugural event

In June, we came together to celebrate the launch of our Alumni.

It was a great opportunity to reconnect and enjoy an evening of good food, company and conversation.

Meet our Alumni

Many of our Alumni have gone on to do great things, both in business and life. Their achievements reflect the solid foundation they built during their time with us. We're proud to share their stories.

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Adrian Harrington_alumni

Adrian Harrington, Liverty Housing Non-Executive Director

"After leaving Charter Hall in late 2022, I went on the Board of Liverty Housing, a not-for-profit disability housing provider. The experience has been incredibly rewarding, especially when witnessing the positive impact Liverty Housing’s efforts have on the lives of those we serve."

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Michelle Flanagan headshot

Michelle Flanagan, APIL Fund Manager

"I am still transitioning from property management into investment, but one of the learnings so far, is what mattered to me as a Property Manager isn’t necessarily what a Fund Manager focuses on. I have had to switch from thinking about the day-to-day management of a property, into continually thinking about the property strategically and what will create value for our investors."

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Guy Bennett, Cushman & Wakefield Managing Director (Australia & New Zealand)

My time at Charter Hall was the equivalent of 15 university degrees. It fast tracked my agency career enormously. It taught me about accountability, risk and the huge responsibility involved with managing other people’s money.

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