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Direct CEO

B.BA (Finance and Economics), CA

As CEO of Charter Hall's Direct Property business, Steven's role is two-fold. 


Steven is CEO of the Direct Property business within Charter Hall. In addition to overseeing more than $9 billion of assets on behalf of self-managed super funds, high net worth and direct investors, Steven manages a team of property and funds management professionals who are responsible for 10 unlisted property funds. His day-to-day responsibility includes overseeing asset management and tenancy matters, managing the financial structure of the funds, stakeholder communications and raising new equity capital. 

For Steven, it’s never just about the end result: the journey to getting there is equally important. By speaking directly with investors, he and his team are able to gather insights into the real-world goals they hope to achieve. Whether it’s a regular income to support their lifestyle or provide a better retirement, Steven is driven by expertise, integrity and professionalism to realise outstanding outcomes. Because he knows first-hand the performance Charter Hall delivers today is critical to their futures. 

In April 2019, Steven was elected President of the Property Funds Association, where he’s committed to furthering the Association’s goals: representing direct property investors’ and managers’ interests; promoting the industry; and providing a forum for research and education.

Before joining us, Steven worked for Macquarie Group Limited in both their Sydney and London offices. 


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Steven Bennett
Direct CEO
Charter Hall