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Diversification, regular income, strong returns… if you’re interested in building wealth, consider investing with one of Australia’s leading direct property fund manager.


Investing with our unlisted direct property funds can currently yield around 6% pa (paid monthly or quarterly). 


Our investment funds cover high quality industrial and long leased commercial property, helping you to take control of your financial future.


Whether you've invested before, or are new to creating wealth, an investment in direct property could be a good option to get that secure future started now, with a sustainable income currently around 6% pa.


Investment in unlisted direct property funds can be a cornerstone in a balanced portfolio, giving you diversification benefits and access to sustainable and stable income. 



Charter Hall Direct funds that invest in high quality, long leased commercial property are open now for investments of $20K and above.



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Our funds provide an opportunity to include commercial property in your investment mix.

Unlisted direct property investing is an investment in commercial property – that includes office, industrial, retail or social infrastructure property - via a direct or unlisted property fund.

Investing in commercial property can complement other asset classes in your investment portfolio. At Charter Hall, creating and managing these types of investments is our speciality.

Our funds feature quality properties on long-term leases and deliver sustainable and stable returns with the potential for capital growth. They’re the types of investment favoured by large institutions, like super funds, that you can also have access to.

Open - 6.00% P.A*
Charter Hall Direct Long WALE Fund (LWF)
Charter Hall Direct Long WALE Fund is an unlisted property fund with an established and growing portfolio of predominantly long WALE properties diversified across resilient property sectors and essential services.
Open for investment
Current Income Yield
6.00 %
Current Income Yield
Portfolio Valuation
Portfolio Valuation
Open - 5.80% P.A*
Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund No.4 (DIF4)
Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund No.4 is an unlisted property fund with an established and growing portfolio of quality Australian industrial properties.
Open for investment
Current Income Yield
5.80 %
Current Income Yield
Portfolio Valuation
Portfolio Valuation
11.5 years
Open - 5.30% P.A*
Charter Hall Direct Office Fund (DOF)
Charter Hall Direct Office Fund is an unlisted property fund with a diversified and growing quality Australian office property portfolio with a focus on CBD and established property markets.
Open for investment
Current Income Yield
5.30 %
Current Income Yield
Portfolio Valuation
Portfolio Valuation
Open - 7.00% P.A*
Charter Hall Direct PFA Fund (PFA)
Charter Hall Direct PFA Fund is an unlisted property fund with an income generating, established and growing Australian office property portfolio anchored by government or well regarded corporate tenants.
Open for investment
Current Income Yield
7.00 %
Current Income Yield
Portfolio Valuation
Portfolio Valuation

The fundamentals of investing in Direct Property.

Hear from Steven Bennett, Direct CEO at Charter Hall, about the importance of commercial property in your investment portfolio.

Commercial property investment basics

What is commercial property investment?

Direct funds or listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) often provide access to high quality commercial properties in diversified portfolios. You can invest as an individual, through a self-managed super fund (SMSF) or through other entities such as companies or trusts.

Common commercial property types include:

  1. Office: Office property can include anything from one or two-storey blocks to iconic CBD towers. Tenants may be private businesses or government agencies.
  2. Industrial: We use the term ‘industrial’ to cover warehouses, manufacturing plants and logistics facilities. Distribution centres have become popular with the rise of e-commerce websites creating greater demand for storage and freight.
  3. Retail: Retail property is some of the most recognisable commercial property. It includes bricks and mortar stores, shopping centres and retail centres like Bunnings. 
  4. Social infrastructure: Much of our social infrastructure is privately owned and make for potential investment opportunities. Early learning centres and healthcare assets are two examples.

Important commercial property jargon

Before we proceed, these are some of the important commercial property terms will be helpful to understand when considering investing in commercial real estate. 

  • WALE (weighted average lease expiry): In a property with two or more tenants, WALE refers to the average lease expiry between them. A high WALE means tenants, on average, will remain in the building for some time, while a low WALE is of course the opposite. The ‘weight’ of a WALE calculation may be based on the amount of floor space a tenant occupies, or the income they are generating. So in a retail centre with one massive supermarket and 10 small stores, the supermarket’s lease will affect the WALE more than any individual shop as it is both larger and pays higher rent.
  • Occupancy: Occupancy refers to whether the building has tenants, and how much of the building is occupied. It is measured as a percentage of occupied floor space to total space in the property. Commercial property performance is heavily reliant on high levels of occupancy. 
  • Capitalisation rate: The capitalisation rate, also known as cap rate, is a calculation comparing the income generated from a property with the value of the property.
  • Tax deferred: If you see something as being ‘tax deferred’ or known as a ‘tax-deferred scenario/scheme’, this refers to the possibility of paying tax in a different year to the one in which income is distributed.
  • Direct property fund: A direct property fund is a managed investment scheme where multiple investors’ money is pooled together to purchase property assets. Ownership is shared between investors based on their investment portion, but the actual investment is determined by the fund manager.
  • Listed property fund: A listed property fund is a commercial property or portfolio of properties listed on the Australian share market (ASX). These are also known as Australian real estate investment trusts (A-REITs). Like direct funds, A-REIT investments are made by a fund manager with pooled-together finances from investors.

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