Our open and collaborative approach ensures that we understand our stakeholders’ needs and aspirations, to manage our portfolios appropriately and responsibly

We value input from our stakeholders to ensure we remain focused on the issues most important to our investors, customers and employees, and take into consideration views of other stakeholders including government, industry, suppliers and the wider community.

This input informs our approach to business and consideration of issues which are most material. Who we engage with and how is guided by the level of our business impacts and influence and their vested interest in our sustainability strategy, approach and performance.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement

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How we engage

We engage with our employees through face-to-face briefings and workshops, and through various programs to address issues important to employees and the business. 

We conduct an annual employee engagement survey.

We share our annual sustainability report and updates on our sustainability strategy, performance and financial results tailored to the various divisions and business sectors.

Our intranet and Yammer provide our employees business news and further means of communicating with each other.

Our Benojo platform provides employees with an avenue to support communities in which Charter Hall operates and charities individuals are personally close to, through volunteering and fundraising.

Deloitte is our anonymous, two-way, communication channel for employees to report wrongdoing with total security.


Our current focus

Fostering a diverse, inclusive and agile workforce is a priority to attract and retain the best talent and encourages innovative thinking within our workplace. 

Charter Hall Proud was launched in FY19 to deepen our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It is led by a steering committee which uses the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) as a benchmark for LGBTI+ workplace inclusion and to identify areas for further improvement. Charter Hall also participated in the AWEI.

We also measure ourselves against the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Index. 

In FY19 we rolled out a People and Culture program across the Group focused on psychological safety and speaking up and provided an awareness program to employees through our partnership with Pride in Diversity. 

We continue to embed a high standard of ethics and conduct annual compliance training in ethical behaviours and standards with 100% employee participation.

New in FY19 was a risk culture survey in which we achieved an 81% Risk Culture Index, which rates above the Australian National and Global High-Performance Norm.


We continue to participate in the Property Male Champions of Change initiative. 


A mental health partnership with Black Dog Institute was established in FY19 to help build employee resilience and to support our health, safety and wellbeing focus for employees.


In FY19 we also invited employees to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Our future focus

We will continue our annual engagement programs with employees and our alignment with industry indices and benchmarks

We will continually strive to seek high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.



How we engage

We engage with our tenant customers across office, retail, industrial and social infrastructure sectors through a range of methods and relationship management models. This includes direct engagement and through our facilities management providers. We seek feedback, both formal and informal, throughout the tenant customer lifecycle.


Our current focus

Our focus is to create engaging customer experiences. Actively connecting with and listening to our customers is essential, We:

  • Hold insight sessions with retail and office customers
  • Provide welcome packs and / or events for our industrial customers to familiarise them with their new facility and the local area.
  • Conduct tenant customer surveys to understand current satisfaction levels and opportunities to enhance their experience
  • Undertake deep dive customer sessions to better understand how we can meet their needs through product and service delivery.

We engage regularly with our tenant customers on a range of safety, sustainability and community initiatives and use technology like our Charli app and host onsite events to enhance customer experiences and deliver positive environmental outcomes. In FY19 we invited tenants to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Our future focus

We will continue to work with our tenant customers through a co-designed framework to enable our products and services to meet their needs. In FY20 we will launch Kick Start Cafés to provide amenity at some of our industrial estates in more isolated locations and are launching a quarterly industrial customer newsletter to provide updates on industry initiatives. We are also looking at how we can enhance wellbeing across our industrial assets.



How we engage

Charter Hall Group provides investor briefings and financial results half yearly. At our Annual General Meeting, securityholders can engage with our Board of Directors and are updated on our strategy and performance.

Charter Hall Fund Boards provide quarterly updates to investors. Both Charter Hall Group and Funds participate in investor surveys on a regular basis and one-on-one, face-to-face engagements on request and by invitation.

We share our annual sustainability report and updates on our sustainability strategy and non-financial performance.

Our current focus

FY19 we invited investors to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Nine of our funds participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB):

  • Brisbane Square Wholesale Fund (BSWF)
  • Charter Hall Direct Office Fund (DOF)
  • Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (CLW)
  • Charter Hall Office Trust (CHOT)
  • Charter Hall Prime Industrial Fund (CPIF)
  • Charter Hall Prime Office Fund (CPOF)
  • Charter Hall Retail REIT (CQR)
  • Core Logistics Partnership (CLP)
  • Direct PFA Fund (PFA).

In addition to GRESB, Charter Hall Group responds to several investor surveys including CDP, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4Good, and MSCI ESG Index and ISS. We also engage with individual fund investors and completed surveys to update on our ESG strategy and progress, with some requests received on a quarterly basis.

We are a signatory and report against The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) framework. The PRI is supported by the United Nations, and in FY19 we became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.


Our future focus

We will continue to communicate with our investors and participate in investor surveys and alignment with key frameworks. 



How we engage

We engage with our suppliers to partner in delivering sustainable supply chain outcomes for the delivery of services and products across our portfolio.


We have undertaken engagement with our suppliers through regular meetings, reporting and project updates. We work collaboratively with our suppliers to enhance productivity and efficiencies in our operations and development and to ensure a responsible supply chain.


Our current focus

We have undertaken supplier mapping to understand the key risks and opportunities, where we can add value and collaborate further for better outcomes for all.


In FY19, we developed our Supplier Code of Conduct which outlines our commitments and expectations of our suppliers to promote ethical, environmental, and social standards throughout our supply chain.

We continued our focus on integrating our Human Rights and Modern Slavery Framework into our operations:

  • Participating in the Property Council Modern Slavery Working Group with 15 of our industry peers, developing a supplier online reporting tool to be piloted in FY20.
  • Engaging suppliers in the property industry-wide modern slavery approach;
  • Developing material to build the capacity of the property industry and its suppliers in the area of modern slavery and human rights.
  • Working with cleaners on the Cleaning Accountability Framework pilot certification scheme.

We are members of Social Traders Connect, the social enterprise industry body, which is assisting the expansion of our social procurement footprint.


We have partnered with social enterprises such as The Pure Collective, Kick Start Café and Two Good for training and employment programs. 


We are working with our suppliers to understand ways to increase efficiencies in our operations and identify opportunities for sustainable social procurement in our supply chain.


In FY19, we also invited suppliers to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Our future

We will continue to work with our supply chain on enhancing our environmental performance and social and economic outcomes. This includes working with our suppliers on the integration of our Human Rights Framework and sustainable supply chain principles. To support this we will deliver human rights training to our employees and continue to participate in the Property Council supplier initiatives to better understand and build the capacity of suppliers in the property industry.

Government and Industry

How we engage

We engage with local, state and federal government in all jurisdictions in which we operate. We participate in government and industry working groups to develop innovative solutions to issues facing the property industry and our communities.


Our current focus

We have regular engagement with all levels of government as part of our developments and operations, and with key government and community agencies to address community needs.

We are a founding and active member of the City of Sydney’s ‘Better Building Partnership’, which seeks to develop collaborative solutions and initiatives to improve the sustainability performance of commercial buildings.

Through the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) we complete annual national energy and carbon disclosures. Our office portfolio and retail assets (over 15,000 sqm) are rated annually under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for energy and water.

We are an active member of a range of industry groups, with employees participating in several leadership and advisory roles with:

  • Australian Diversity Council
  • Australian Property Institute
  • Committee for Sydney
  • City of Sydney’s Better Building Partnership
  • Cleaning Accountability Framework 
  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark
  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • Property Council of Australia
  • Property Industry Foundation
  • Shopping Centre Council of Australia
  • Social Traders Connect 
  • UN Global Compact
  • UN Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia

In FY19, we invited industry group representatives to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Our future

We will continue to actively engage with local, state and federal government, and national and international industry bodies.


How we engage

We undertake a range of initiatives to communicate with and contribute to the communities in which we operate. Our employees play a face-to-face role in engaging with the community through volunteering activities provided by Charter Hall and nominated by employees for co-funded support through our grants program.


Our current focus

We engage with community partners, through our Pledge 1%, to provide support, both monetary and in kind, to assist in the delivery of services to our communities and tenant customers.


We have national community partnerships with Foundation for Young Australians, Two Good and the Property Industry Foundation – with our people mentoring and volunteering to support communities across Australia.

We have supported awareness in domestic violence through our partnership with Two Good and supported our communities experiencing drought through Rural Aid.


We have also partnered with WWF in Earth Hour to grow employee awareness on the impacts of climate change and opportunities in renewable energy.


Our developments have worked with community partners to raise funds and provide services and employment programs to groups in need in the communities in which we operate.


In FY19, we invited community partners to participate in our sustainability review of material topics to understand where they think we need to focus our efforts.


Our future

Through our Pledge 1% commitment and in our development activities we will continue engagement with the community, through our people, places and partnerships.


How we engage

We proactively engage with the media providing information about our business and our environmental, social and governance commitments.


We take opportunities to advocate for our industry to be more sustainable.


Our current focus

We focus on opportunities across the Group to highlight the success of our environmental, social and governance initiatives, and work with stakeholders across our funds management platform to broaden the reach of media coverage on our achievements.


Our future

We will continue to work with stakeholders across our funds management platform to broaden the reach of our media coverage on environmental, social and governance initiatives.


Latest Report

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