Stakeholder engagement

Our open and collaborative approach ensures that we understand our stakeholders’ needs and aspirations, to manage our portfolios appropriately and responsibly

We aim to understand the key issues and interests of our stakeholders and then respond practically and effectively. We know that collaboration with our stakeholders supports us to develop sustainable solutions along the value chain.

This input informs our approach to business and consideration of issues which are most material. Who we engage with and how is guided by the level of our business impacts and influence and their vested interest in our sustainability strategy, approach and performance.

Our stakeholders

Below are our key stakeholders, along with a brief overview of how we partner to deliver value –  for us and them.


Through regular Meet Ups, well-being and learning programs, annual surveys and training, we focus on innovation, diversity, talent development and social awareness.


By understanding their business, seeking feedback and offering diverse services, we centre our efforts on placemaking, customer experience, well-being and sustainability initiatives.


Through briefings, surveys and financial updates, we prioritise regular communication, transparency and sustainability benchmarks.


Through workshops, collaboration on responsible practices and our Supplier Portal, we focus on creating social value, upholding the Supplier Code of Conduct and monitoring and mitigating human rights risks.

Government and industry

Through regular interactions and active participation in industry groups, we prioritise collaborative solutions, thought leadership and advocating for a sustainable property sector.


By volunteering, donating and forming partnerships, we maximise our social impact and address cost of living pressures, youth disadvantage and disaster recovery.

First Nations

Guided by our Reconciliation Action Plan and inclusion practices, we foster cultural awareness, build partnerships and facilitate employment and education opportunities.