241 Adelaide Street


241 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD

This asset comprises over 10,000 sqm in the Brisbane CBD.

We welcome you to our asset on Turrbal and Yuggera land.  

Note: Charter Hall pays our respects to the Traditional Owners of Country and note that reference to the traditional land(s) is based on current Land Title knowledge which can be contested and reviewed at any time.

Building information

Year Built 1988
Office grade B
Total NLA 10,107sqm
Typical Floor Plan 245-538sqm
Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE) 2.1
Occupancy 89%
Fund Ownership 50% DVP1
Points of Interest
NABERS Water 3 Star
3 Star


A NABERS Water rating looks at the amount of water used and recycled within a building. Whole building Water rating: measures all of the water used in a building, including the base building and tenant occupied spaced.
4 Star
NABERS Energy 4 Star
4 Stars


NABERS Energy measures the efficiency of an office building and rates either the base building, tenancy or whole building. An energy ratings works by comparing the energy consumption of a building against a set of benchmarks that have been developed using actual data. A NABERS Energy rating can be done with or without GreenPower. Base building Energy rating: occurs when central services like heating and cooling systems, lifts and lobby lighting are rated. Tenancy Energy rating: when businesses choose to rate the space they occupy within a building. Whole building Energy rating: this rates the base building and tenant occupied space. This usually occurs when there is a single tenant occupying an entire building.

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Contact Us

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Senior Property Manager

Jarryd Walsh

Jarryd Walsh

Development Manager - Office