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Hear from Angela Sansom-Daly, our 2018 scholarship intern


Starting your first job can be pretty daunting, we speak with Angela Sansom-Daly on the challenges and opportunities of being a 2018 Scholarship intern at Charter Hall.  


What did you study at university?  Bachelor of Property Economics at UTS
Describe why you have a passion for property?  Property is such a diverse industry. There are so many career options and the work we do has a tangible effect on the city and the way people live, work and move. We can see our work on such a large scale.
Explain why you were interested in becoming part of the Charter Hall Group? I became aware of Charter Hall early on in my degree. I particularly enjoy studying finance and investment, so as a leading funds management company, it is very aligned with my personal interests in property. The culture of Charter Hall was also a big factor in my decision - the emphasis on wellbeing and integrating work with life, and the Pledge 1% program show Charter Hall's committment to its people and the community.
What divisions have you rotated through so far with Charter Hall? I've spent a significant amount of time within the retail sector, including with the leasing, asset management and development teams. I then spent some time on the fund side, with Investor Relations and Capital Transactions, and I've just moved into the Office Sector.
What challenges and opportunities have you faced as part of the Scholarship Program? I am constantly meeting new people in the business, which is both wonderful and overwhelming!
It can also be a challenge to balance the demands of uni with time at Charter Hall, but the connection between what I'm learning at university and what I see on a daily basis at Charter Hall makes my studies so much more tangible and realistic. I have already experienced so many areas of property through this internship, which I may never have discovered otherwise.

I have also been involved in the PCA's Girls in Property event, where I got to meet the next generation of young women property professionals and share ideas around the future of property.
As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Charter Hall supports the PCA's Girls in Property Initiative, what is your advice to young women who are interested in a career in property?  Take every opportunity you are given and get as much experience as you can. If the opportunities aren't there, go out and create them for yourself.
What unique set of skills and qualities do you think interns/millennials bring to Charter Hall?  I think every generation has a different outlook and brings different skills to the mix. Millennials are very adaptable and comfortable with the fast pace of change, whether that is technological, structural or otherwise. Property will only become more competetive and it will be essential to work flexibly and adapt quickly to stay on top. Charter Hall already incorporates technology and adaptability into our work, and the internship program brings in young property professionals who can further these qualities.
What does the future of property look like to you? The future of Property is exciting! I think we will see a lot more change through technology, and property will have to adapt to changing demands.

There has been a focus on place creation and social sustainability more recently. Property already plays a huge role is peoples lives, and as density increases, we will have more opportunities to create innovative spaces that people want to spend time in.
What do you love about working here? Charter Hall is a wonderfully welcoming environment. I feel very supported to grow in my career, my studies and my personal endeavours.

This internship has expanded my experience in the industry and opened my eyes to so many career options.