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Charter Hall Long WALE REIT Corporate Simplification


Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (ASX:CLW) today announced that its proposal to simplify its corporate structure (Simplification) as approved at the General Meeting of CLW Securityholders held on 15 September 2017, has now been implemented. CLW will now trade on the ASX as a three component stapled security.

Confirmation letters have been issued to all eligible CLW Securityholders. CLW will continue to trade on the ASX under the existing “CLW” ticker code.

<View PDF version of ASX Release> 

For further information:

Avi Anger 
Fund Manager 
T: +61 8651 9111

For media enquiries: 

Angus Booth 
Group Manager - External Affairs
T: +61 8651 9223

For investor enquiries: 

Philip Cheetham 
Head of Listed Investor Relations
T: +61 2 8651 9214