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Charter Hall Long WALE REIT – Interest Expense Hedged


Charter Hall WALE Limited (“CHWL”) as responsible entity of each of LWR Finance Trust, Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund, Canning Vale Logistics Trust No. 1, 218 Bannister Road Trust, CPOF Kogarah Holding Trust, Franklin Street Property Trust, and CHPT Dandenong Trust (together, Charter Hall Long WALE REIT) (ASX:CLW) today announced that it has entered into a $140 million five-year interest rate swap at a rate of 2.14%.

The resulting forecast average interest rate under the REIT’s Debt Facility (defined in the Product Disclosure Statement dated 27 September 2016) is expected to be 3.7% on drawn amounts for the period from 10 November 2016 until the end of the 1H FY18, which is consistent with the forecast provided in the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement dated 27 October 2016. The proportion of hedged balance sheet debt for the REIT is 58%, with the proportion of hedged look through debt being 66%.

<View PDF version of ASX Release and attachments> 

For further information:

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Fund Manager 
Charter Hall Long WALE REIT
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Deputy Fund Manager
Charter Hall Long WALE REIT
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Kerri Leech 
Head of Long WALE REIT
and Industrial Finance
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Group Manager – External Affairs 
Charter Hall
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Deputy Fund Manager  Charter Hall Long WALE REIT