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Sale of German Assets


Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX:CQR) (the ‘REIT’) today announced that it has entered into an unconditional contract for the sale of its remaining two German assets for a gross sale price of €80.8 million, representing the value of the German property level debt facility. The sale completes the REIT’s sell down of its European portfolio.

The purchaser will assume all debt liabilities associated with the portfolio. This will reduce the REIT’s balance sheet gearing by 4% to approximately 33%. The sale will have no impact on the REIT’s operating earnings or net tangible assets. 

The majority of the sale will settle immediately with a small minority interest of 5.1% to be settled in 18 months. The minority interest will be deconsolidated from the REIT’s balance sheet and will not carry any further rights or obligations relating to the German operations.

Fund Manager, Scott Dundas, said: “We are pleased to have contracted to sell our German portfolio, which importantly finalises the sale of all our European assets and terminates our exposure to the European market. On completion of this transaction the REIT will have no material offshore exposure.”

For further information, please contact:
Scott Dundas
Fund Manager
Charter Hall Retail REIT 
T +61 8651 9273

Philip Schretzmeyer
Deputy Fund Manager
Charter Hall Retail REIT 
T +61 2 8651 9246

For investor enquiries, please contact
Kylie Ramsden
Head of Listed Investor Relations 
Charter Hall
T +61 8651 9204

For investor enquiries, please contact
Rachel Mornington-West
 Head of Marketing and Communications 
Charter Hall
T +61 8651 9248