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Charter Hall Retail REIT - ASX Waiver relating to the EGM


Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX:CQR) (the REIT) has been granted a waiver from ASX Listing Rule 14.7, to the extent necessary, to permit the REIT not to comply with the voting exclusion statement in the notice of extraordinary general meeting (EGM) dated 10 January 2014 in relation to the resolution for the ratification of a placement of 21,052,632 fully paid ordinary units in the REIT (the Resolution).

The waiver permits that the votes of unitholders who participated in the placement may be counted, to the extent only that those unitholders are acting solely in a fiduciary, nominee or custodial capacity on behalf of beneficiaries who did not participate in the placement (the Nominee Holders), on the following conditions:

  • The beneficiaries provide written confirmation to the Nominee Holders that they have no interest in the outcome of the Resolution, nor are they an associate of a person who has an interest in the outcome of the Resolution.
  • The beneficiaries direct the Nominee Holders to vote for or against the Resolution.
  • The Nominee Holders do not exercise discretion in casting a vote on behalf of the beneficiaries.
  • The terms of the waiver are immediately released to the market.

The effect of the waiver is to maximise the number of votes that may be cast at the EGM on the Resolution by Nominee Holders who did not participate in Placement.

Scott Dundas, Fund Manager of the REIT, said: "We have sought this waiver to ensure that investors who did not participate in the recent placement, can continue to have their votes counted for resolution 1 at the EGM next Monday 3 February 2014, despite the fact that they may share the same Custodian or Trustee as other investors that participated in the placement.ยจ

For further information:

Scott Dundas
Fund Manager
Charter Hall Retail REIT
T +61 2 8295 1009

Philip Schretzmeyer
Deputy Fund Manager
Charter Hall Retail REIT
T +61 2 8295 1023

For investor enquiries:

Nick Kelly
Head of Investor Relations
Charter Hall
T +61 2 8908 4028 

For media enquiries:

Rachel Mornington-West
Head of Marketing and
Charter Hall
T +61 2 8908 4093

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