Investment guide

How to invest in Charter Hall and our managed funds

On behalf of our wholesale, institutional and retail investors, we manage more than $19 billion worth of office, retail and industrial property through listed property funds, unlisted property funds and partnerships.

The table below provides a simple summary of the investment criteria for those funds currently open for investment.

Investment amount Sector   Investment period  Contacts

    Office   Retail   Industrial   <5

 Listed Charter Hall
Group (ASX:CHC)
Open  x   x   x   Perpetual but liquid 1300 365 585
(local call cost)
  Charter Hall
Retail REIT
Open      x       Perpetual but liquid 1300 365 585
(local call cost)
Direct  Charter Hall
Direct Office 
Fund (DOF) 
>$20k x      
1300 652 790
(local call cost)
Charter Hall Direct Industrial Fund No.4 >$20k    
  x     x   1300 652 790 
(local call cost)
Wholesale  Charter Hall Prime Office Fund (CPOF)
>$10m                  x +61 2 8651 9260
  Charter Hall Prime Industrial Fund (CPIF)
>$10m                   x +61 2 8651 9260


General Investor Enquiries, Charter Hall

Please quote the name of the investment you’re interested in so that your enquiry can be directed to the most relevant contact person