• How do I invest in Charter Hall Group?

    Charter Hall Group securities (ASX code ‘CHC’) are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. To invest, you’ll need a stockbroker or use an online broking facility.

  • How do I invest in the unlisted property funds?

    Firstly, you should review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which can be obtained on the fund pages of this website or by contacting us on 1300 652 790.

    If the fund suits your investment requirements, complete the application form in the back of the PDS, have it signed by all signatories, then post it to the registry (address details are on the form).

  • Which direct funds are currently open for investment?

    Currently there are three funds open for investment.

    Call us on 1300 652 790 to discuss these investment oportunities.

  • I have questions, where can I get answers?

    It’s likely that other people have had the same queries you have, so scroll through the Frequently Asked Questions sections within the relevant fund pages of this website. If you haven't found the kind of answer you’re after, get in touch with us using the contact details in this section of the website. If you have specific questions about your investment or administrative issues, please contact the relevant registry.


General Investor Enquiries, Charter Hall

Please quote the name of the investment you’re interested in so that your enquiry can be directed to the most relevant contact person