Tax Information

Annual Tax Statements

Our Group’s year-end for tax purposes is 30 June, at which time the components of the distribution are determined. The total annual distribution and tax components are advised in the Annual Tax Statement, mailed to you in August each year. This will include the information you require to maintain your taxation records. Should you need a replacement copy of your Annual Tax Statement, you can download it online by using the Investor Login facility. You will need to log in using your SRN/HIN, surname and postcode.

Distribution Breakdown

The following also provides you with a breakdown of our Group’s distributions: Distribution breakdown for Australian resident securityholders

Distribution breakdown for Australian resident securityholders

2017 2016 2015 2014
2012 2011
2010 2009 2008

Notices for custodian and other intermediary investors

CHPT MIT Notice 1HY FY18 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY18
CHPT MIT Notice 1HY FY17 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY17
CHPT MIT Notice 1HY FY16 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY16
CHPT MIT Notice 1HY FY15 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY15
CHPT MIT Notice 1HY FY14 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY14
CHPT MIT Notice 1H FY13 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY13
CHPT MIT Notice 1H FY12 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY12
CHPT MIT Notice 1H FY11 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY11
CHPT MIT Notice 1H FY10 CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY10
CHPT MIT Notice 1H FY09  CHPT MIT Notice 2H FY09

Apportionment ratios

A Charter Hall Group stapled security is made up of two separate assets for capital gains tax purposes: a Charter Hall Property Trust unit, and a Charter Hall Limited share.

For capital gains tax purposes, you need to apportion the cost of each stapled security and the proceeds of sale of each stapled security over the separate assets that make up the stapled security. This apportionment should be done on a reasonable basis.

One possible method of apportionment is on the basis of the relative net assets of the individual entities. The table below provides the information required to adopt this method.

30 June 2018 88.6% 11.4%
31 December 2017 89.0% 11.0%
30 June 2017 89.2% 10.8%
31 December 2016 88.9% 11.1%
30 June 2016 90.1% 9.9%
31 December 2015 89.9% 10.1%
30 June 2015 90.7% 9.3%
31 December 2014 91.5% 8.5%
30 June 2014 92.4% 7.6%
31 December 2013 87.4% 12.6% 
30 June 2013 88.2% 11.8%
31 December 2012  88.9% 11.1% 
30 June 2012 89.2% 10.8%
31 December 2011 99.0% 1.0%
30 June 2011 99.0% 1.0%
31 December 2010
30 June 2010
31 December 2009 
30 June 2009
31 December 2008
30 June 2008
31 December 2007 
 99.0% 1.0%
30 June 2007
31 December 2006 
30 June 2006
31 December 2005 
30 June 2005
 99.0% 1.0%

Tax File Number

You are not required by law to provide us with your tax file number (TFN), Australian business number (ABN) or exemption. However, if you do not provide your TFN, ABN or exemption, then withholding tax at the highest marginal rate may be deducted from your distributions. If you wish to provide your TFN, ABN or exemption, please use the Investor Login facility to download the TFN/ABN form to complete.

Taxation Guide

We have produced a taxation guide to assist investors in completing their income tax return. The guide provides general information only and should not be relied on, and does not constitute taxation advice.

View taxation guide > 


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Link Market Services Limited

For information about your Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) or Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX: CQR) securityholding, including tax statements and distributions, please contact our security registrar.

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