Analyst Information

This page is designed to assist institutional buy-side investors and sell-side analysts to make more accurate assumptions and conclusions about Charter Hall Group. Analyst information provided includes:

  • Portfolio Information comprises links to our Property Portfolio books, which are reproduced and made available online every six months.
  • The Analyst Coverage page is designed to give a representation of sell-side analysts that monitor Charter Hall Group.

In November 2013 we hosted the Charter Hall Investor Day 2013, which was intended to provide institutional buy-side investors and sell-side analysts with a greater depth of understanding of the business and the breadth of experience within the management team. 

Presentations cover an overview of the Group vision, values and strategy; our view of real estate markets; and an overview of Wholesale funds, retail investor funds and general operations. 

If you’re an analyst, your comments on what you would like to see in this section are very welcome.


Charter Hall Group Investor Relations

For questions about the Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) or Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX: CQR).

Link Market Services Limited

For information about your Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) or Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX: CQR) securityholding, including tax statements and distributions, please contact our security registrar.

About Us

For more information on our history, our values, our board and management teams, corporate structure and capabilities.
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Sustainability is a critical part of how we manage risks and enhance financial, social and environmental value across our business.
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