Periodic Statements

Other Management Costs

Other Management Costs represent the total cost incurred by CQR unitholders for their investment in CQR. They include costs such as base management fees, performance fees, registry, custody, accounting and other administrative fees. They do not include costs that would be incurred if an investor invested directly into CQR's assets.

A history of total Other Management Costs is as follows:



Dec-14 Jun-15
  12 months 6 months 12 months
Average number of units ('000s) 370,134 372,251 374,514
Total Other Management Costs ($'000s) $12,883
$6,099 $12,253
Other Management Costs per unit $0.0348 $0.0164 $0.0327
Total Other Management Costs for 1,000 units $34.81  $16.38 $32.72

CQR Unit Price Performance

Set out below is a summary of CQR's unit price performance over the last 12 months, based on ASX closing prices.

Date Closing
Unit Price %
Gain (Loss) over prior
12 months
Investor $ Gain (Loss)
over prior 12 months for an
initial investment of $5,000 *
31-Jul-14 $4.01 3.89% $548
31-Aug-14 $3.97 7.88% $765
30-Sep-14 $3.80 1.06% $416
31-Oct-14 $4.07 0.74% $375
30-Nov-14 $4.15 9.50% $835
31-Dec-14 $4.12 14.76% $1,119
31-Jan-15 $4.39 22.63% $1,513
28-Feb-15 $4.56 26.67% $1,713
31-Mar-15 $4.29 19.83% $1,374
30-Apr-15 $4.31 11.66% $937
31-May-15 $4.51 12.75% $979
30-Jun-15 $4.24 9.28% $818

* Returns are based on closing prices on the day and any cash distributions paid. They do not take into account any brokerage or other costs that an investor may incur or any potential tax implications.

Tax statements are mailed every year in August. If you have not received your statement, please contact your registry.

Please contact Link Market Services on 1300 303 063 or should you require further details in respect to your holding in Charter Hall Retail REIT.


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