Charter Hall Retail REIT makes payments to unitholders twice a year in February and August.

Your distribution may be received as follows:

1. Direct Credit

Direct credit enables you to receive automatic payment of your distributions quickly and securely. You can nominate any Australian or New Zealand bank, building society, credit union or cash management account for direct payment by downloading a direct credit form using the Investor Login facility and sending to Link Market Services. On the day of payment you will be sent a statement via post or email confirming that the payment has been made and setting out details of the payment. 

If you change your bank account details please use the Investor Login facility to either update your details or download an appropriate form to complete. If you have not received your income distribution or have unpresented cheques, please contact the registry on on 1300 303 063.

2. Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The DRP allows you to have all or a portion of your distributions reinvested in additional stapled securities in Charter Hall Retail REIT.  More information on the DRP is below.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

The Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) allows you to have your distributions reinvested in additional securities in the REIT without incurring brokerage, rather than having your distributions paid to you.

The DRP was reinstated for the 2012/13 interim distribution paid on 15 February 2013. If you have previously elected to participate in the DRP, your election was automatically reinstated. If you have not elected to participate in the DRP or you would like to vary your participation, you can change your election online using the Investor Login facility or you will need to complete a DRP Application or Variation Form available from the registry. 

For further information on the DRP, please download the DRP Booklet (pdf 156KB).

Download the CQR DRP Booklet


Charter Hall Retail REIT Investor Relations

For questions about the Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX: CQR).

Link Market Services Limited

For information about your Charter Hall Retail REIT (ASX: CQR) securityholding, including tax statements and distributions, please contact our security registrar.

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