No.1 Martin Place Trust (1MPT) closed

A meeting of Unitholders of No.1 Martin Place Trust (1MPT or Trust) was held on Tuesday 16th July 2013 to enable investors to vote on a Scheme proposal to sell their units in the Trust in exchange for a cash payment. At the meeting the proposal was passed, with more than 75% of votes cast in favour of the Scheme Resolution to sell the Units in 1MPT.

Formal notification to investors was provided, outlining the outcome of the meeting, the timing of the Scheme implementation and the process of payment of the proceeds to investors.

Key dates

On or around 9 August 2013

Scheme implementation date

On or around 23 August 2013

Scheme consideration payment to Unitholders

The final Scheme Consideration payment to investors will be for the amount of $0.8904 cents per unit (cpu). The final amount is higher than the estimated $0.885 that was disclosed in the Notice of Meeting and at the investor meeting. A final transaction statement and letter outlining the Trust closure process will be mailed to investors on or around 23 August 2013.

Fund information

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Investors should continue to contact the registry on 1300 137 895 or for all registry matters. To contact the Manager call 1300 652 790 or email


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