Diversified Property Fund (DPF) closed

A meeting of the unitholders of DPF was held on 15 November 2012 following the fund reaching its review date (14 October 2012). At the meeting, management outlined its strategy for the fund and its Notice of Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum including two Resolutions. 

Following the first Resolution resolution not being passed and as outlined in the explanatory memorandum, DPF continued on the terms set out in its constitution, with the RE proceeding with an orderly termination of the fund by seeking asset sales where property leasing profiles and market conditions make sales appropriate. The sale of all assets has occured. 

Residual funds from the final asset sale were returned to investors on or around 19 February 2016. Click here to read more. A final periodic statement and taxation statement will be provided to investors in July 2016.

Fund information

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Investors should continue to contact the registry on 1300 664 498 for all registry matters. To contact the Manager call 1300 652 790 or email directproperty@charterhall.com.au.


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