130 Stirling Street Trust (CHIF7) closed

The 130 Stirling Street Trust (CHIF7) was an unlisted property syndicate investing in an A-grade office building in the Perth CBD. The sale of the trust's asset was completed and the trust was wound up. 

Sale of the asset

The trust was launched in 2010 with an initial five-year term, and with just over one year to go Management focused on the exit strategy for investors.

  • Sale price of $90 million, 7.1% above the December 2013 book valuation and 25.7% above the purchase price.
  • 10% deposit was paid on the exchange of contract for the sale on 14 February 2014.
  • Settlement 30 days after the Foreign Investor Review Board (FIRB) approval (the purchaser has 90 days to obtain FIRB approval). The sale was conditional on FIRB approval being received.
  • Investors were paid $1.30 per unit compared to their initial $1.00 per unit. Investors received a total return of approximately 15.7% per annum since inception (net of all fees).
  • Settlement occured in May 2014. 

Formal notification to investors was provided at the time. 

Trust information

These items are for information purposes only.

Investors should continue to contact the registry on 1300 137 895 or charterhall@boardroomlimited.com.au for all registry matters. To contact the Manager call 1300 652 790 or email directproperty@charterhall.com.au.


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