Access distribution information

The fund's distributions are payable monthly in arrears approximately 15 days after month end (except for June and December distributions which are payable approximately 20 days after month end). 

Distribution statements are sent quarterly with the quarterly report. You can also access your distribution statements through InvestorServe > or contact registry on 1300 137 895.

Period ending Total distribution  
31/08/2018       0.5625 (ordinary)

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Direct investors may reinvest all of their distribution entitlement for Ordinary Units. Any distribution reinvested will be invested at the ex-distribution price Entry Price prevailing on the last day of the period. As at October 2017, there is no Buy Spread and a 2.5% discount to the Entry Price for reinvested distributions.


Registry (fund administration) - Boardroom

For enquiries regarding your personal holding in a fund, including account balance, distribution payment, statements, contact details and InvestorServe. Have your investor number (shown on your distribution statements) ready to quote.

Charter Hall (manager)

For enquiries regarding the management of a fund, including performance, strategic direction, property portfolio and new investment opportunities.