Welcome to your Investor Centre

We’re committed to keeping our investors updated on our activities, and providing them with easy access to information about their investment.

As a trust investor, this section gives you access to:

  • Distributions
    Information on when you will receive your distribution and current and historical distribution information.
  • Tax information
    Information you may need to complete your tax return including how to access your annual tax statement, distribution breakdown and MIT notices for non-residents and custodians. 
  • Investor Login
    A facility for you to gain access to individual information held by our unit registry, Boardroom, and change certain registered information. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Provides you with general questions and answers about your investment.


Go online and go green to help the environment

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we encourage our investors to elect to receive their notification of our investor communications electronically.

Why go online?

You’ll receive information more promptly, and have the convenience and security associated with electronic delivery.

There are also significant cost savings. And above all, this is a responsible and environment-friendly option.

We make our distribution statements and annual taxation statements all available online. This ensures we are providing you with information you need in the fastest, most cost-effective manner possible, while also reducing our environmental impact. Because the security and privacy of your details are critical, you can access these through the Investor Online portal, rather than receiving attached documents by email.

Go green and register for online services today >

Keep tabs on your investment on BoardRoom's new mobile App

BoardRoom, the unit registry provider recently launched an App for iPhone and Android users that allows you to easily access investment information from a single location, watch webcasts and more. Download the App or click the link below for more information.
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