Regular Withdrawal Offers

As per the fund's product disclosure statement, Withdrawal Offers are intended to be made every six months from December 2015.

The June 2017 Withdrawal Offer amount and other important information will be communicated to investors in the June 2017 Quarterly Report.

Open – Friday 28 July 
Close – Friday 18 August 
Payment date – Friday 1 September 

Dates are subject to change. 

Click here to download the withdrawal form.

*The Withdrawal Offer is a limited liquidity offer and will be subject to scale-back if requests exceed the offer amount. The amount can be changed at the discretion of the Responsible Entity. The Withdrawal Offer will be funded from surplus cash and the Responsible Entity may increase the withdrawal amount above $7.5 million in its discretion subject to the Fund having surplus cash. 

For information on liquidity and withdrawal offers, please see the fund FAQs > 

DOF is not open to daily withdrawals. DOF is an illiquid investment and investors should expect to redeem their investment in the fund only when it is wound up or through a withdrawal offer or liquidity event. 

Should you have any further queries in relation to the Direct Office Fund Liquidity Offer, please contact the Charter Hall Direct Investor Relations team on 1300 652 790.

Future Liquidity

In December 2019, and every five years after, there will be a full liquidity event where we will seek to provide liquidity for all investors wishing to redeem their investment.



Registry (fund administration) - Boardroom

For enquiries regarding your personal holding in a fund. This includes account balances, unit price and distribution enquiries, requesting a statement, changing contact details and assistance with investor online facilities. Please have your investor number (as shown on your distribution statements) ready to quote.

Charter Hall (manager)

For enquiries regarding the management of a fund. This includes a funds performance, strategic direction, property portfolio holding and new investment opportunities.