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We’re committed to keeping our investors updated on our activities and providing easy access to information about your investment.

As a fund investor, you can access:

  • Investor Login
    InvestorServe is our secure online facility where you can access information on your holding held by our unit registry, Boardroom. If you aren't registered yet, simply contact the registry. Through InvestorServe you can also elect to receive communications from us electronically - a fast and secure way to stay updated on your investment. 
  • Distributions
    Information on when you will receive your distribution and current and historical distribution information.
  • Tax information
    Information you may need to complete your tax return including how to access your annual tax statement, distribution breakdown and MIT notices for non-residents and custodians. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Find common customer questions - and answers - about the fund and investing.



Direct your investment to industrial property

* Yield based on actual distribution of 6.50 cpu (annualised) for the December 2018 quarter and $1.08 unit price (Ordinary units) at 1 January 2019.
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