Adviser Appointment and Commission Form

Use this form to appoint an adviser to your investment or update our registry with new adviser details.

Agent Appointment Form

Use this form to authorise an individual to act as an agent.


Change of Bank Account Details Form

Use this form to change the account details of the bank account nominated for distribution and withdrawal payment.

Change of Details Form
Use this form to change address details, phone number and email address. Choose to receive a paper copy of the annual report.



Request to register for Surviving Holder Form
Use this form when notifying us of a death of a investor on our register.



Standard Transfer Form
Use this form to transfer units in the fund to another party.


Tax File Number (TFN) Form

Use this form to provide your TFN and/or claim the appropriate exemption.

Financial advisers to use these forms in the verification process. Click on the item below to download the relevant form.

Go to the FSC website for more information.


If you require forms to complete an estates transfer, or a form you require is not listed on this page, please contact our registry on 1300 652 790.

All forms should be sent to:

C/ Boardroom Pty Ltd
Unit Registry
GPO Box 3993
Sydney NSW 2001



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Registry Enquiries

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