To-date, we’ve delivered over $3.8 billion worth of high quality office, retail, industrial and residential developments. And looking forward, we have a robust development book valued in excess of $4.4 billion.

We complement the Group’s Funds Management business by developing, refurbishing, repositioning and increasing the value of the assets the Funds have invested in.

To maintain the quality, standard and returns from those assets, our Technical Services team takes a hands-on approach. For example, they will co-ordinate  facilities management contracts, oversee capital expenditure projects, and consolidate procurement.

We aim to:

  • Create high quality work and lifestyle environments that exceed the needs of tenants, customers and purchasers
  • Partner with like-minded organisations to build robust relationships that deliver the best property outcomes
  • Develop sustainable real estate assets across the office, industrial, residential and non-discretionary retail sectors.

Our long track record in achieving these aims is underpinned by our:

  • Innovative property solutions
  • Long-standing relationships with financiers, agents, consultants and contractors
  • Active management of the entire development and refurbishment process
  • Ability to understand and deliver on the needs of tenants, consumers and owners
  • Accountability, diligence and ‘first principles’ approach
  • Commitment to delivering sustainable solutions
  • Our relationships with all stakeholders in the development process including large corporate tenants, occupiers, financiers, approval authorities and investors, both locally and offshore