30 years of partnership

Where we're headed

As we mark 30 years in business, we celebrate where we've come from, but also look forward to the exciting times ahead. 

Read on as our executive team share their thoughts on the future of their respective industries and business operations.

"Looking forward, the global trends that are before us, such as the rise and rise of e-commerce, the advancements in technology and the greater focus on ESG, will continue to accelerate and shape the years ahead of us.

“For Charter Hall, the focus will be much as it always has - on building mutually successful partnerships. Our people, customers and our communities are the foundation of our success, and will remain so going forward.

"We’ll continue to learn about our customers, and ask what more we can do for them. We’ll help businesses succeed by providing for their space solutions. And, we’ll remain focused on our fiduciary duty, never forgetting that we’re managing other people’s money."

"Through our strategy of access, deploy, manage and invest, our partnership approach, and our drive, we’ll optimise our performance over the long term to achieve mutual success."

David Harrison, Managing Director and Group CEO

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200702_CH_EXECO_09_1213 Russell Proutt

“What does the future of finance look like? Firstly, we’ll see the continued increase in productivity and velocity. Automatisation will continue and the volume of information that a single professional or team can handle will continue to grow exponentially. However, it’s not just their ability to handle large volumes of information that is growing, so too their ability to convert it to relevant, useful information quickly.

"This leads to the second area of the future of finance, and it all ties to insights and perspectives. The challenge for finance professionals is not to just keep score, but to create and interpret information to drive decision making. In our business, we want to improve predicative models to support decisions on where to invest funds or divest assets, and identify, measure and manage opportunities and risk in our development activities. We’re looking to support our customers with key ESG targets and objectives through financial modelling. To drive these kinds of insights and perspectives, finance professionals require in-depth knowledge of not only finance and the fundamentals, but also the business and operating environment. This evolution provides incredibly exciting opportunities."

Russell Proutt, Chief Financial Officer

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"Over the next few years we're going to see a lot of evolution happening in the office sector. COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a significant impact, but there is strong demand from tenant customers for spaces which encourage collaboration, are exciting to be in and will bring people back into the office. There is a real opportunity for us to use our platform and the integrated nature of it - this includes our development team, asset management team and property management team.

"Going forward, it will be more important than ever, to really understand what our customers want, knowing them deeply and delivering for them. There will be a continued focus on placemaking, the services we’re offering, and developing – and upgrading - assets to prioritise hygiene and wellbeing. Through this, there will be new value created not just for our tenant customers but importantly for our investors.

"I'm very positive about the future of office and I'm looking forward to the new things we will be doing for our clients."

Carmel Hourigan, Office CEO

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Carmel Hourigan
Richard Stacker_23614

"The future for industrial & logistics sector looks very positive, as the sector is widely viewed as being in the lucky seat right now. I agree that the moons have aligned for the sector, particularly during the pandemic. However, the trends were there years prior. Charter Hall realised the opportunity for growth well before this, assembling a team that has proactively taken advantage of its access to capital, national scale and partnering approach to cross sector tenant relationships.

"The sector is benefiting from a number of trends accelerated by COVID-19. These include: consumer behaviours continuing to evolve as they look to satisfy their needs not just instore but also online; automation and digitalisation improving supply chain efficiency – and we’re developing to hold bespoke facilities to meet this; and, greater inventory being held to sure up the supply chain. All of these trends lead to an increase in the need for industrial & logistics facilities.

"We expect these tailwinds to continue. There is, however, greater competition for assets, land and customers. Our focus on partnering with existing and new high-quality tenant customers will see us  significantly increase our exposure to this sector in the next five years."

Richard Stacker, Industrial & Logistics CEO

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“Certainly, a lot has been written in recent years about the future of retail and much of it not positive. When you look at retail, it’s important to understand the different subsectors and what defines them. This has a large part to play in our strategy and where we focus, and we remain committed to and very positive on the future of convenience and non-discretionary retail. We’ve been clear on our strategic focus associated with non-discretionary and everyday needs retail and our $10 billion portfolio of retail investments across the Group reflects this.

"For us, it’s about partnering with market leading tenants. Businesses like Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Wesfarmers brands like Bunnings and more recent partnerships with Ampol and BP who are market leading operators in their collective spaces.

"That’s why we remain positive on the convenience end of the retail spectrum, and continue to provide stable and predictable returns for our investors.”

Greg Chubb, Retail CEO

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Sheridan Ware_23622

“We’re living in a time where digital technology and data are quite literally reshaping every aspect of our lives.

“I’m so excited to be working with our own people to use emerging technologies to imagine their work and replace the mundane with the meaningful. At the same time technology is and will continue to reshape our built world, helping us reimagine experiences for our investor customers, tenant customers and their people, and helping provide insights that ensure our buildings operate more efficiently, sustainably and in a way that safeguards people’s futures.

“The future for me looks like the seamless integration of technology into everything we do, so we can amplify our impact and bring the aspirations of our people, customers and communities to life.”

Sheridan Ware, Chief Information & Technology Officer

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“I often get asked whether Charter Hall will continue to be as successful in the next 10 years as we have been over the last decade. The short answer is yes, because of the way we manage our funds and focus on our customers. We put our investor customers at the centre of everything we do, and we treat our tenant customers as valued partners.

“You only have to look at the stable, consistent returns the Group can deliver to investors - for example the Direct business just provided 12 month returns in the range of 12.1% to 34% - to see our success.

“I believe as long as we always keep sight of the fact that we’re managing other people’s money and we’re the custodians of their capital, work tirelessly and be prudent with our decision making, we’ll continue to have long-term success.”

Steven Bennett, Direct CEO

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